Free Recipe API Support
The API and site will always remain free at point of access.
If you love our service and want extra features you can sign up as a Paypal supporter.
You can cancel anytime. This allows us to pay for the servers and bandwidth and develop new features.

Test API Keys
You can use the test API key "1" during development of your app or for educational use (see test links below).
However you must become a supporter if releasing publicly on an appstore.
All data is returned in JSON format. We recomend Json view chrome extension to view the data in your web browser.

API Production Key Upgrade
All supporters have access to the beta version of the API which allows mutiple ingredient filters.
You also get access to adding your own meals and images. You can also list the full database rather than limited to 100 items.
Please sign up on Paypal and we will email you the upgrade.

Email: [email protected] (please state if you are a Paypal Supporter)

API Methods using the developer test key '1' as the API key

Search meal by name

List all meals by first letter

Lookup full meal details by id

Lookup a single random meal

Lookup a selection of 10 random meals (only available to Paypal supporters)

List all meal categories

Latest Meals (only available to Paypal supporters)

List all Categories, Area, Ingredients

Filter by main ingredient

Filter by multi-ingredient (only available to Paypal supporters),garlic,salt
Filter by Category

Filter by Area

Meal Thumbnail Images
Add /preview to the end of the meal image URL

Ingredient Thumbnail Images